Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joshua's Milestones

Joshua now since he was younger he couldn't anything really. He is now 4 years old now and he can do alot. I would like to see his dr that told me that he wasn't going to do anything in his life. Right now he can play around and he can roll over and do a 360 in his bed or on the floor. He loves to play all the time. He can say mom. He sounds like he wants to say dad too but can't quit hear him clearly. He pushes himself in his walker backwards and forwards. He is like a kangaroo too. He likes to jump up and down in the walker or when you put him on the floor to see if he can walk, he goes up and down. When I take him out of the carseat I say "up, up, up". So he knows that mean that I am going to take him out. He pushes his body up and out of the chair. Whn he is on the highchair and I am feeding him, he again jumps and he halfway comes out of the chair. I had to grab him fast before he fell out. My son Joshua sleeps in different times. When he comes home from ppec, which is a place for him to get therapy and they take care of him, he plays for a little while and then goes to take a nap for a couple of minutes or if not taking a nap he sleeps until about midnight to 2in the morning and plays all morning. I put the tv on for him and he watches it. He likes the colors. He follows the cartoons where ever they go. Just like the light. I put a flashlight near his eyes and go back and forth and he follows it. He has eaten while abck with no problem, but now he hasn't eaten anything. He doesn't want anything in his mouth. I tried to put food in his mouth and most of the time he will keep his mouth shut. I really want the gtube off. But the only way that they will take it off is if he can eat by mouth for three months without putting anything in his gtube. August 28th he went to go see his surgeon about his gtube. He had to change it. This is about his 7th time changing it within 3 years. He broke a couple of them. But I have spoken to his GI dr and he told me that if he doesn't eat by mouth within another month then they are going to have to put a tube down his mouth to see what is going on in there. But I don't think it's his stomach. I wish I knew what it is. The other thing that he has done is break his kitty kart a couple of times. His strength has approved. From weak to being so strong. HE broke his headrest and the foot rest. He kept on kicking the footrest and the headrest and he broke it. His thereapist looked at me and said what are you giving him? WHeaties?!. I said no he just got stronger. When they gave him another new one within two weeks he broke that one too. I am so proud of my boy.