Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is what I found out 07/18/2010

Well since my last post, I found out some other things. My sons seizures has died down. I haven't seen anything ina bout 4 months. Now that is too good. Now One day I told myself not to give up and keep on trying to find out about Joshua. So I looked online on genetics disorders and birth defects. There was one article that tells about my pregnancy. I had too much amnitioc fluid and he wasn't moving alot in my belly. And things happen after a couple of months that appears not after birth. It happens a while after birth. He has a diamond shaped eyes, He has a high narrow head, and he he is developmetnal delayed etc. It all comes out to be the prader willi syndrome. Even though I don't want to admit it that he does have something. Now, the dr's from genetics and his neurologist told me that they took a chromosome testing of the syndromes on what i told you and they said it came out negative. They thought the same thing. so if they took that testing of the prader willi syndrome then what can it be? noone still doesn't know. To me it is good in a way, because He is my son and you know when it comes out that it is your son you don't want to label him or her as a syndrome right?

Also I am going a little crazy here becasue I am still not working and I hear about work from home moms and I can't find any good sites on it. How do I know that it is legitate? If anyone does read this please contact me? Thank you.

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