Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marion Oaks Elementary School

Well Joshua is now about to start public school. He has been in Ppec for three years. I wasn't to happy with them for a while. They don't listen to me when I kept on telling them not to put tape on his stomach. They kept on putting the tight gloves on him cause he always put his hands in his mouth. But he only put one finger but like I said they didn't listen. They kept on putting different diapers on him knowing that I had diapers there. They always had him on his chair most of them time. It was like a daycare for him. Yes he did some therapies on him but a lot where he can do things on his own. So thats why he is going to public school. The manager there Linda Lied to me. Last year when he was three years old he could of have started pre-k. But when I filled out the paperwork she told me that they lost it. For a whole years? Come on now. So she told me when he starts school tell them he will be staying here. I wondered why she told me that. Thats a no no in my book. So the process finally went through. It took a while but it is in and finally I went to the meeting that also took for ever. He could of started last month. But they kept on cancelling the meeting. So now the meeting went very well. It took about an hour and half. I met his ese teacher and his next years teacher for kindergarden. and the nurse and two other ladies. They all were great. He should be starting by next week. I have to send some papers to guidance once I am done. I can't wait to see him go. The first day of school I ahve to take him so I can teach them on how to feed him. And stay there for a while to see how they do things and see the special needs children wings. It is further but it will fit his needs. I will be posting pics of him here soon when he starts.

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