Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I have went to take my son to his first appt in the new year. Which is the feeding evaluation. He hasn't really eaten and swallowed anything for the past couple of months. When I got there I had a to wait a few minutes. Then she finally called me in. She asked me what has been going on? So I told her what happened since he was 5 months old. Everything that has happened. So she said he has been through alot huh? and so have you too. I said yes. so I told her every time I put food in his mouth he leaves it there. He doesn't chew or swallow it. So she decided to try some things on him. she gave him baby food, grape lollipop, laffy taffy candy. It was for different types of foods like sweet, sour, and some other things. Of course he is going to like the lollipop. She knew off the back that what problem he has. She told me that he has ore jaw movement them tongue and mouth. Since he is low tone his mouth will be too. So what we all ahve to do is strenghten his mouth muscles and show him ways of moving his mouth and so he can start eating. He was already in a cranky mood because he has been grinding his teeth He cries when he does that. Why? I don't know. So he will be going once or twice a week.

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