Monday, May 28, 2012


Ok last month he ended up in the hospital because he had a high fever of 103. Found out that he had a pink eye and a ear infection. He was on antibiotics. It took a while for the medicine to work but it finally kicked in. Then the next day he had diarrhea. Boy lets just say that he had the virus. I had to give him a bath 4 times that day. Now he is has another fever. It isn't high like before but it is still a fever. I lost my thermometer. I don't know how, but I usually leave it in his room in his draw. I need a good one that doesn't go bad. I had a friend that her child had the ear infections and ended up with tubes in his ear. That willnever happen to my son. Last year he only had about three ear infections in one year. If this becomes an ear infection again this will be two, but in two months and that isn't good.

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